The Red Planet

New Map Poster of the Topographic Relief of Mars

I am extremely pleased to release a new poster showcasing the topographic relief of Mars.

My days are usually filled with Earth. Satellite images, maps, data analysis… all originating from, or looking at, our blue planet. The third rock from the Sun.

Sometime last year I decided to figuratively leave Earth and see what’s going on with our skyward neighbor.

Update! Now includes Perseverance!

The Poster

With an emphasis on the terrain, the poster features stunning views of Mars, including subsets for the polar regions. Artificial objects of Earthly origin, like landers and rovers, are highlighted on the landscape.
Download a larger version.

The topography of Mars is truly something else. Despite being so small—it is the second smallest planet—Mars is home to the tallest planetary mountain and deepest canyon in our solar system.

Using a three-dimensional representation of the planet’s shape and scientific imagery of its surface, I’ve strived to bring these details to life in both detail and color.

Close-ups of select areas of the Martian surface, showing incredible variation in relief and color. Labels distinguish geologic features and spacecraft that have landed (or crashed) on Mars.

With its summit reaching a height of nearly 70,000 feet, Olympus Mons casts a shadow that would shroud Mount Everest in darkness.

Put One on Your Wall

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