Every now and then a dataset comes along that just has to be mapped. This is one of those times.

Bigfoot. Sasquatch. Skookum. Yahoo. Whatever you call it, the towering man-like ape is a folklore staple. From stories of Yeti in the Himalayas to Wildmen in the Pacific Northwest, people have been talking about and trying to find the creature for ages. Occasionally, some form of evidence – like Patterson’s famous 1967 film – emerges and either feeds our fascination or gets dismissed as a hoax. In either case, it’s easy to see why believers search for proof and skeptics remain doubtful.

Through archival work and reports submitted directly to their website, the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization has amassed a database of thousands of sasquatch sightings. Each report is geocoded and timestamped. Occasionally, even photos and videos of the alleged evidence are included. I’m not quite sure how I stumbled across this, but I’m glad I did.

After crawling the data and converting it to a more convenient format, I mapped and graphed all 3,313 sightings that were reported from 1921 to 2013:

Sasquatch Sightings Map

Want a larger version? You got it.

Bivariate map of sightings and population.

A nation divided: Sasquatch Sightings vs Population Density

Right away you can see that sightings are not evenly distributed. At first glance, it looks a lot like a map of population distribution. After all, you would expect sightings to be the most frequent in areas where there are a lot of people. But a bivariate view of the data (right) shows a very different story. There are distinct regions where sightings are incredibly common, despite a very sparse population. On the other hand, in some of the most densely populated areas sasquatch sightings are exceedingly rare.

I don’t have a really good explanation for this. These are sasquatch sightings we’re talking about and I’m way out of my area of expertise (do bigfoot experts exist?). But it’s clear that if the legendary biped is real, it’s thriving out west.

The terrain and habitat likely play a major role in the distribution of reports (note: reports, not sasquatch themselves!). Even if bigfoot wasn’t lurking nearby, it might be hard to tell when surrounded by rugged terrain and dense forest. Was that a stick cracking naturally or is a giant primate creeping around? The desire to find, or think you saw, bigfoot might be especially high if you’ve heard tales of giant, ape-like creatures calling the place you’re in home. A combination of environment and legend likely combine to at least put wary outdoorsmen on the lookout. These environmental factors could be explored with a dasymetric map that accounts for the habitat and separates the wilderness from suburbia. Furthermore, the population data are based on the US Census, which is based on where people live. The places we live, and the places we spend the other 50% of our time (at work, traveling, camping, vacationing, etc) are very different. We don’t have data for that, unfortunately.

There’s also inherently some bias in the report data. Being a US-based website, it is dominated by US reports, and the reporting mechanism is not precise: if coordinates are not known (would you really log a GPS reading while staring ‘squatch in the eye?!), the BFRO site only allows reporters to enter the nearest city. This could be many miles away.

Ultimately, I’m not convinced there’s a descendant of Gigantopithecus playing hide and seek in the Pacific Northwest. But if respectable folks like Survivorman Les Stroud and primatologist Jane Goodall believe there’s something more to the myth, I think it’s at least worth putting on the map.

Update, Dec. 20, 2013

Some readers asked for a view of sightings over time, so here you go. Enjoy!

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119 Responses to ‘Squatch Watch: 92 Years of Bigfoot Sightings in the US and Canada

  1. John says:

    As xkcd notes, in this day and age, the overwhelming majority of people in the US have a smartphone equipped with camera capable of recording video. And yet after all these years, and all these so-called sightings, nobody has managed to capture any clear evidence whatsoever?

    Skeptoid has a fantastic show on “Bigfoot” too. The story behind the people is quite interesting indeed. It seems like the guy might have perpetrated the spoof to try to provide for his wife when he died.

    • Muh says:

      Well, the believers of Bigfoot believe that they conveniently can sense cameras and stay away from them.

      • Doggerboy says:

        We know that cougars etc exist but they are not captured on camera either…nobody finds the bones of bears etc in the forest yet we know they are there…this creature is said by the native Indians to be a type of human…but what do they know,eh ? They`re just backwards and primitive in their thinking and know nothing !

    • Ray says:

      Bigfoot is a paranormal entity as many of the unpublished sightings attest to. The mainstream Cryptozoologists desperately want this to be a physical being and discard the odder encounters. This thing exists and hundreds of thousands of multiple witness testimony begs. Even the native americans know that it is a spirit. You cannot place the paranormal into a test tube. Tracks that end in the middle of a muddy field, physic backlashes unpn encounters, associations with ufo’s .(Which) I do not believe are ET but is an earth based phenomenon as well as many other strange attributes. The ancedotal evidence is everywhere and much to be believed as many encounters were sckeptics

      • Stan says:

        You are a spirit as well. So what? You still have a physical body.

      • TheAccidentalScientist says:

        I have been fascinated by the subject of Bigfoot for years, and trust me, I wouldn’t be fascinated if this creature wasn’t real. If you don’t believe, clearly you’re not going to know a fraction about the subject as believers do. As for modern science… we’re all newbies in this world. They can’t possibly know Bigfoot doesn’t exist. I find very fascinating all those who think anyone would have a hard time telling the different between a bear and a two legged creature that looks absolutely nothing like one. Face it folks, there are many things that go on in this world we couldn’t possibly understand.

        • JP says:

          A bear standing on its hind legs looks very much like what people think they are seeing when describing Bigfoot. Bears have poor eyesight. They have a good sense of smell. If they sense danger, they will stand on their hind legs to get a better sense of the odors around them.

          • Tammi says:

            you are wrong I know many people who have seen one and if you read and educated yourself on this subject matter you would know it looks nothing like a Bear it looks human like a native or blcak person

          • Larry Fernsworth says:

            Bears in the circus stand on their hind legs. They never run on two legs, always on all fours. I’ve seen several bears in the woods and crossing roads and one “bigfoot”. I thought it was a very tall strangely proportioned bear. It ran away, apparently as startled as I, much faster than a human could run and knocking over trees about 4-6″ diameter. When it disappeared I realized this was no bear as it remained upright for the 10 – 12 seconds I saw it. I did not stick around to look for tracks or collect any hairs snagged on overturned trees. This was in Merrimac County NH in 1992.

      • TheAccidentalScientist says:

        Ray, you hit the nail on the head. I have no doubt in my mind that your are right. I have made discoveries of what I call, ‘Quantum Creatures’, and my evidence makes very, very clear that there are all kinds of creatures science knows nothing about, including ones of size, and it’s all going on in the paranormal world. Listen to those natives, folks, because they know far more than you realize!

      • SAR says:

        Absolutely, Ray…

        After I read Linda Moulton Howes ‘Glimpses of Other Realities’ and Thom Powel’s ‘the Locals’, I became convinced that this is not a simple flesh and blood entity. I listed a number of the best theories and anecdotes about the odder aspects of BF encounters on my blogspot site, Bizarre Bigfoot. Check out, also, The Ra Material and how Bigfoot is explained in that collection of writings. Amazing.

      • Zoose says:

        Well, being a “paranormal entity” with “unpublished sightings” certainly protects you from having to provide any actual proof. BTW, it’s interesting that you claim this is a spirit, but it leaves footprints. Sigh.

      • joe says:

        Ray, I don’t mean to criticize you in any way and some of what you are saying is correct. It doesn’t take a wall full of college diplomas to surmise what is going on here. Just some good old fashion common sense. Everyone’s brain works differently and we all have our beliefs as to what this creature is, but just using our base knowledge of what we know for sure in our world,(the living world), and not what we think we know in the spiritual world, which is just speculation because we really don’t know and won’t know until we die. Just making a base comparison will tell you that these creatures are a living, breathing animal and not some magical, vanishing creature. People see spirits and ghosts every day throughout the world, and for the most part, and i say most, they are seen floating in the air, disappearing into walls, making things move, causing noises, all of which fall under that paranormal class. Sasquatches for the most part, and i say most, are seen in the physical sense, people don’t say that they can see through them, or they float. Just the opposite, accounts range from road crossings, tree knocking, rock clacking, being charged, tree peeking, stealing farm animals, knocking down fences, throwing rocks, making calls. etc.., I would guess on occasion a spirit may leave behind some speculative physical evidence at best, for example, something knocked off of a table or a door left open, I have never seen a spirit leave physical footprints in the snow or mud, or hair that got caught, for example, in a barbed wire fence when it crossed it. Although the physical evidence of bigfoot is limited, it’s still physical evidence.We know so little about these creatures and who knows what they may be able to do, but my common sense tells me for now, they are a wild animal out to survive, not that much different than a grizzly when it comes to that, unpredictable, opportunistic, protective of their young, elusive, eating berries and fruits when readily available, yet capable of bringing down the largest of animals when it’s hungry and needs to eat. They have been successfully avoiding us for decades, we may never know all that is to know about the sasquatch.

    • Tim says:

      OK, but exactly how many years of no sasquatch video on smartphones is long enough to determine non-existence? If someone came forward tomorrow with good convincing footage, well. . . ? I recall there was a video from last year in Utah, captured on a phone, and I can see why the footage isn’t convincing, “it” is still very far away and behind a lot of brush, plus the campers are scared and run away as soon as it stands up. It’s easy to talk about filming one when you encounter it, but hard to do when A.) it’s hiding/running away, and B.) you’re scared sh%tless.

      • Baron Cormac says:

        Heretic. Next thing you know, you will be denying Nessie and Champie!

      • sal says:

        Smart phones flash units aren’t very good for long range shots. As a photographer, I can attest to the difficulties in capturing this entity with any form of camera. I believe these creatures to be intelligent, maybe more so than we are when it comes to primal senses including hearing!

    • Jim says:

      Hi John,

      This isn’t a matter of “believers” (as Muh, not you, employed the term), but of facts that are admittedly counter-intuitive. It does seem as if we should have more, better imagery. I disagree with you that we have none — see M.K. Davis’s work on the P/G film for just one example most people don’t know as much about as they think they do — but for sure there anyone interested in this subject wishes there were more volume and more quality.

      Here’s the thing, though. Right now, take out your smartphone and videotape the nearest person. Right now, go. How long did it take you to turn on the phone, open the app, and press record? The process is a lot faster than the wet glass plates Matthew Brady had to deal with, certainly. But most alleged Sasquatch sightings are over in about a second.

      There is a very instructive parallel, though it does predate the personal mobile/digital era. We all know that in the 1980s and 1990s, drug-related drive-by shootings in the LA area were real. No one disputes that. Yet only one was ever caught on video, by a news crew that was coincidentally already filming something else.

      “We’d have had a photo by now” feels as if it ought to make sense. But the reality of capturing images just doesn’t work that way. The fact that we do have *some* images, with a quality that reflects haste, is actually not inconsistent with the prospect that the animal is real. Does any of that add up to proof? No. There is no proof. But it’s not a disproof either.

      • dan citizen says:

        Having spent a lot of time in remote woods, 30+ years of long distance hiking, and as much as 6 months out of the year far from most people I can say that photographing wildlife can be extremely difficult.

        I have seen a wolverine once, and did not get the picture though I had my camera in my hands. I have tracked and been tracked by mountain lions on multiple occasions and never gotten a decent photograph. The same for lynx and bobcat. These animals live and die by their ability to be discrete, we are clumsy visitors in their homes and hunting grounds.

        We humans are loud, slow, and extremely smelly (in animal terms). We have decent eyesight but fairly poor hearing and sense of smell. In simple terms, we are easy to spot and to avoid. Often inexperienced people I’ve worked with have failed to notice a large animal like a bear that has followed us for hours (hoping we’d drop food), though to others the bear was obvious, always trying to stay just a bit out of sight.

        Also there is nothing supernatural about camera avoidance, it is basic biology. When you are walking along enjoying the sights your body language and especially your eye movements reflect just that, casual observation and a non threatening demeanor. When you pick up a camera and hold still, focusing on your subject, you are acting like a predator. Your body language is different you are focused on the creature at hand, looking directly at it, and believe me, wild creatures are hardwired to feel uncomfortable when confronted by this.

        A great example is deer. Some human acclimatized deer are pests. They will mooch around your campsite and will not leave even if you shout at them and try to chase them off… But if you hide behind a tree and peek out at them they will take off running, because they are hardwired to do so.

        Is there a giant ape wandering around? Beats me, I’ve never seen one. But basing any assumption on the chance of amateur cell phone video is just silly. The answer is likely game cameras, lots and lots of game cameras.

        Another item to keep in mind. There are billions of dollars in industry that would be dramatically effected by the discovery of a new endangered animal. Logging, mining, oil drilling and many other industries would suffer huge financial loss if the land they use suddenly became a protected habitat. So not only do we have a lack of opportunity to gather evidence, we have a large percentage of the people who live and work in the theorized habitat that have a very strong motives to not turn over any pictures they take.

        • Francisco says:

          Dan Citizen

          What a great explanation! I’ll save it since it covers almost all if not all the aspects of why we havent “find” this creature.


        • Missey says:

          Well said…

        • Noggin says:

          You nailed it, Dan, especially regarding the predator body language we take on, sometimes. Humans are the apex of all apexes; the predator above all food chains, and even we are hardwired to recognize alert human posture as a potential threat, though context and logic helps us disregard much of this communication, most of the time.

          Like you, I have failed to get good pictures of wildlife, and for over the last four years I live at the edge of wetlands visited by deer, beaver, fox, coyote, bobcat and all sorts of waterfowl and common forest and pond critters. The geese and ducks would be easy enough to photograph, if I cared to, but the rest? The few I’ve seen at any reasonable distance are still too far away and/or in low-level lighting (almost always at dusk) to make a cellphone camera worth anything. In fact, here is a video I took with my Galaxy III last evening, of a couple of owls (only one visible, but you can hear them): http://youtu.be/yEadXYwMUPM

          Nothing to be proud of with that video and I wouldn’t have posted it except for this thread. Note the sky makes the silhouette of the owl visible. If I had been videoing a bobcat or coyote, that video would have been worse, no doubt, due to lack of contrast and my running–though I’m not sure if I’d be running towards or away from the subject, frankly. But video of bigfoot in that situation? There would be nothing to see to be worth believing.

          As unlikely as I think bigfoot is to (still) exist, (seems something like bigfoot did once exist) I also don’t have any expectations for how or why we should find evidence of such a creature. In truth, my expectation is that the earliest sightings might be the most credible, but with that credibility rapidly waning as we approach the present due to urban sprawl and the commercial interests of which you already made note.

        • Theresa says:

          Excellent answer, I am saving this to share with my teens this evening.

        • Rusty says:

          You are right. I’ve missed pictures in the wild many times, even an abino (whitish colored) Bear. Was so shocked seeing such a thing I forgot about camera in hand. Plus 20 yrs. ago brother in law friend was watching for poachers when he walked face to face to bigfoot never seen a man so extremely scared. The goverment came in and told them to be quite. They did sneak a plaster impression of footprint. It was hushed up.

        • silence says:

          Question: How much do we know about wolverines?
          Answer: Everything there is to know.

          Question: How much do we know about sasquatch?
          Answer: Nothing. We don’t even have proof he exists.

        • db says:

          Game cameras have a do smell to them, When you open the package even a human can smell them, so you know an animal can. I have a blind cat that will make a bee line to my cameras and investigate. Oh yea and batteries have an odor too especially when they start to get old. Game cam’s work well but they can be detected.

        • Andy says:


          Well written and that also better explains why government agencies corporate bosses or just average people depending on a pay check might be inclined not to turn over an injured or dead Big Foot this includes bones or skeletons.

          There are (allegedly) documented instances of wounded Big Foot animals having been shot also one or more skeletons have been found in the 7′ tall range or taller. Which government agency takes custody? A County Corner and/or?

          As I recall back in the 1970′s or 80′s after a Sheriff in Montana verified someone or thing over seven foot tall died under a bolder in a landslide that broke and trapped the individual’s leg. No one had or has ever reported a missing person over seven feet tall in that area that anyone knows of. This was documented in a book of the day regarding big foot sightings.

          What of the news report in Los Angeles when someone or thing and reported it as a thing coming out of the forest fires near Reno Nevada a few years ago that went to the Firemen for help after suffering sever burns. Why were the Firemen NOT allowed to speak about this? Why did the Hospital in Reno admit that someone over seven feet tall had been brought in with severe burns but refused all news and other inquires. If this had been a person especially a celebrity they would have welcomed the attention to showcase their quality care!

          Also if this had been a home-less person they would have welcomed donations to help pay their medical bills. It should be noted that even wild animals will come to people for help when they are seriously injured.

          There is another alledged Big Foot film that lasted approximately one week on Edwards Air Force Base in California. Interestingly the Air Force never denied that a family of something? Was living in an empty drain-pipe on the base that had working security cameras! To this day they refuse to release the video of these animals but why? Dan Citizen’s explanation is likely the best answer. It instantly becomes another political obstacle for the big corporations and making near endless sums of money.

    • Josh says:

      I’ve always been a fan of Mitch Hedberg’s theory: Bigfoot is blurry (YouTube link) :-)

    • Curtis says:

      I concur, the majority of the people do have access to phones and cameras much more than they ever had. However, the prevalence of cameras in phones has only been common within the last decade. Camera phones were common in 2005 but were often very low resolution (under 1Mp) and performed poorly in sub optimal photographic conditions. While the majority of people currently have cameras with them at all times the cameras that people are carrying have very slow camera app load times, have poor low-light capabilities, are lightweight and shaky, and are not usually carried loosely in a side pocket when hikers have no cellular coverage.

      Since many of the problems with phone cameras are being overcome I expect to see much better candid photos of wildlife in the future. As it stands, elusive wildlife that are confirmed to exist are not usually being photographed more often so I wouldn’t expect to see much of a change in clear phone-squatch photos.

      Trail-cameras though are improving, cheaper, and are increasingly common. They are capturing significantly more wildlife photos today then they were five years ago. I would expect to see a more immediate change in trail-cam photos before seeing a noticeable change in frequency of phone-squatch photos despite the market saturation of phones.

    • rafael says:

      maybe because when they do and try to show to the world, the U.S. intervenes and get all the data.

    • Jim says:

      John, you are assuming all those people out there with cameras actually know how to use them well enough to take a good picture. How many try that under good conditions, when they are trying and come up with lousy photos? A lot.

      If you’ve ever gone hunting, you would know you cannot “be ready” every single second you’re out there and those “off duty” or “down times” is exactly when most people see them.

      Or they are so overwhelmed and/or intimidated by the sighting they can’t use their camera in time to get a picture.

    • Joseph Wesley Moats says:

      They could be so stunned and scared by what they are looking at that they could care less about their phone. If I was in the woods and saw a Bigfoot I think I’d be more worried about my safety than a pic for Facebook.

    • Silverionmox says:

      Any clear footage would be dismissed as *obviously* a guy in a suit. Any unclear footage would be dismissed as *it’s just a blur*.

    • Adolfo says:

      If bigfoot lives in small groups wandering from noth to south and back over the year (like karibous etc. do), it must be helpful to split this »all in one« graph into (for example) a GIF file with 36 single pictures, each one representing one decade of days in the year — the first picture shows all events between january 1st and 10th, the second picture all events between January 11th and 20th, and so on — this makes 36 (exactly 36½) pictures. Or you split it into five-dav-resolution, then you’ll get – more exactly – 73 frames.
      Running these pictures slowly in a loop we might be able to distinguish the geographical movement of certain Bigfoot groups over the year.
      (and if so, please mail me the link to this movie!)

    • Tammi says:

      Have you gone hiking into the wilderness and carried 40 pounds on your back and take a cell phone when you have no reception. Well I have hiked into it and I carry only necessities and I would not tell if I found one because I know the harm idiots would do to them

    • Russ Jones says:

      John, have any pics of a bear of the phone? Neither does anyone else. Point being no one is out there very much and it happens really quick.

  2. Jim Rudnick says:

    your link to the BIGGER version is dead…..pls fix that as I’d like to drill down on same????

  3. Lenny says:

    What software did you use to put the visualizations together?

  4. S.Hill says:

    Interesting use of GIS! The bigfooters will love this.

  5. Dave Brooks says:

    Also, great name logo. I writhe with jealousy.

  6. Bri says:

    Multiple cases of “I will see it when I believe it” indeed.

  7. Norm M. says:

    Thanks for putting this together. It does provide statistical information for others. However we must all be aware of the a lot of factors. It would be interesting to separate BFRO sightings and or with other organizations. Having just BFRO become instantly biased. So as long as one is aware of this. Your map is great and needed and I’m sure you put in a lot of work. We all love maps in all forms. But to me personally, I know that information can be biased.
    I personally think the whole bigfoot thing is out of control. Too much fakery and people just playing around on Youtube. Why after all would anyone put on Youtube if scientifically significant. Roger Patterson didn’t nor did Paul Freeman….someone else put their videos up. Same with a lot of videos…so easily copied and basically recorded from ones own camera right off your monitor to make your own.
    I’ve seen a sasquatch 40 years ago and have many friends who have too, so it’s not about not believing but being a realist and seeing the progression of 40 years of how it “appears” there are more sightings, more photos, more reports. We need to consider the psychological factors, how the human mind “jumps” to a conclusion especially when one is already involved with it etc. For example if you are already say a member of BFRO…when they you have a bias about bigfoot and most likely would jump to a conclusion if you saw a “flash of black in the forest” and immediately assume it’s a bigfoot. To me one false identification leads like a domino effect to the next. It can easily be seen throughout the whole process….same goes for UFO’s and aliens and conspiracy, and anyone who watches FOX news for that matter.
    It amazes me how little people know about the environment they live in. The sound of a deer hoof hitting the ground, a beaver slapping its tail in the water or a squirrel dropping cones from the tops of trees are immediately labeled that of a bigfoot.
    To me with the increase in supposed sightings especially in high metro area…we really need to consider what is going on. Supposedly they can see cameras? Rationally how do we know this when we don’t really know what they are? Everyone just assumes they make stick structures , give off infra-sound, but if any scientist would do jump to any conclusion about any other animal in the wilds they would be ridiculed….which they should be. Just the fact there are millions of acres of trees, and most eventually fall down within two hundred years they are bound to get hung up on one another; or the fact there are millions of people who deer hunt and thousands and thousand of hunter make deer blinds or structures that are used to hide behind….yet the first time someone walks in the woods they jump to the fact its bigfoot and not natural or manmade……AFTER ALL we need to consider 1.2 million deer hunters in North America and say…..5000 bigfoot? IF you call yourself a researcher or scientist then you need to use the “math” used by such people and that is called Statistics! With 1.2million hunters and 5k bigfoots, one would probably find between 300-600 man made structures for every supposed bigfoot structure…YET the first one they see its made by bigfoot. The circle is endless.
    Thanks again for your map, it will serve as a purpose. Lets just hope people combine its use with common sense, and understanding of the big picture.
    I’m rambling way too much. Anyway….would like to see map with BFRO and no BFRO reports, different website, also broken down by dates and time of year to show possible movement of the animal.
    Thanks keep up the process.

    • Josh says:

      I appreciate the kind words, Norm.

      I also agree that it would be great to compare differences across databases (such as the Greater Yellowstone Sasquatch Organization, which you link to). I don’t see any links to the actual reports held by GYSO on their website, unfortunately.

  8. Dave Hill says:

    Excellent layout and presentation of the data. Now to drill down with precipation, vegetation, slope and aspect information. Good Work!

  9. Malapine says:

    What about plotting sightings versus population gradient (i.e. regions of dense habitation located close to uninhabited areas) ? I’d guess the more people you had living near a wilderness area, the more likely they would be to see a Bigfoot.

  10. Russ Jones says:

    Josh, thanks for your work, it’s interesting for sure. Your right as some parts of our reporting is skewed as we have some states with few investigators and some investigators more active than others. All ultimately doing the best they can with a few full time job and doing their own time in the woods! Thanks again, Russ Jones (BFRO WV, OH).

    • Josh says:


      Glad to hear you and some others in BFRO are enjoying the map. The work you and others in BFRO have done collecting the data is greatly appreciated! This visualization wouldn’t have been possible without it. I hope it is useful for you in some way.

      When it comes to bigfoot, BFRO is the best. Keep up the good work!

  11. Robert Smith says:

    The offspring of Cain (the true origin of Bigfoot)
    A theory…
    First of all I would like to remind every one that 50 some odd years ago no one had ever
    seen a silverback gorilla
    they were only a myth. they were found in 1948 I think.
    And I would also like to add.
    Theories like mine are important to be set forth so that others can investigate
    their probability and implications. Until they are proven (and mine has not been proven)
    they should not be used as a surety for belief…

    Edited by Josh on 9/18/2013: This comment was originally 3,200 words in length. In fairness to others who might like to join the discussion, I have decided to shorten the comment and instead ask those who are interested to visit this commenter’s website if they wish to read more (simply click their name above).

  12. cara says:

    I belive in bigfoot God made him yr.s ago. I belive that people have seen them I know that some times they say they have seen one. and they did not! But I now they are out there.I would love to talke to one and tell him to be careful and do not let no one hurt it. Just watch out were he gose. I feel so sorry for them. Every body need’s to live them alone. But I would love to hug one and tell him I love him! I hope he would hunder stand me! I would love to try to talke to him about God and tell him God loves him and all of them! God Bless Them.

  13. ray siri says:

    BFRO Report 16701: Nighttime encounter at a garbage dumpster in …
    http://www.bfro.net › … › United States › New Jersey › Sussex County‎
    Nov 19, 2006 – Nighttime encounter at a garbage dumpster in Hamburg, near the Delware Water Gap … 94 in Hamburg NJ and has been there for decades.

  14. Sasquatch says:

    315+ million spottings. Could they all be wrong?

  15. Joe says:

    Soon, one will become available. The unfortunate thing is that it will probably be shot dead. Maybe by accident or maybe on purpose, only the shooter will know the truth. The value of a Bigfoot probably cannot be estimated in $$’s and would be much like hitting the PowerBall, dead or alive. The maps only show where to focus one’s efforts for optimal chances. I hope they are smarter that those who are looking.

  16. Max says:

    Bigfoot on the barbie….yummy!

  17. Stevie B says:

    Josh, any chance you could look at seasonality of the sightings? I thought if I ever had a chance to work with the BFRO data, that’s one of the things I’d check out.

  18. Mr. Squatch says:


    The first thing, or bit of data, that I would like to see is when vs where the sightings have occurred.. Your map doesn’t show where the most recent sightings have happened.. If you color coded the time of sightings vs. where, I think that would show a cool visual.. Good luck ..


  19. Jeff says:

    Not sure if you’ve seen it, but you might check our paper in Journal of Biogeography:

    J. D. Lozier, P. Aniello and M. J. Hickerson Predicting the distribution of Sasquatch in western North America: anything goes with ecological niche modelling Journal of Biogeography 36

    Article first published online: 1 JUL 2009 | DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2699.2009.02152.x

  20. StanJ says:

    Funny how many people would accept eyewitness testimony to sentence someone to death or for life imprisonment but scoff at the same evidence when it involves entities such as Sasquatch. What a blatant, horrendous double standard!

  21. Joe says:

    Oh wow man… That’s deep dude! lol

  22. Ross says:

    Hopefully BigFoot will not be found for years and years. BigFoot has superior strength, height, animal intelligence, smelling capabilities than any human and the smarts to stay away from them. BigFoot has observed the way humans raveraged and killed off the American Indians and if that is not enough humans hunt and kill animals sometimes to extinction. BigFoot is smart enough to stay away from humans if I could I would. Leave BigFoot alone to live in nature with peace, love and harmony. BigFoot likes clean food and water like us, BigFoot loves his family, takes care of his young and mates for live. LEAVE BIGFOOT ALONE

  23. Beth says:

    Can I order this map as a poster? It makes that whole overpopulated lie the communists tell so obviously fake. Most of the country is open space. I knew Ohio and Washington state were the highest concentrations. I think we can track them by the food sources and time of year, a few properly placed cameras and we can watch them travel.

    • Steven says:

      But how much of that open space is habitable land with abundant water sources? The issue isn’t just land, but availability of resources, and our population is already pushing that limit. I guess that makes me a communist.

  24. Von says:

    I’d like to say it’s refreshing to see information like this that is designed in a well organized format. Usually the aesthetic on sites like these over powers the message and degrades it’s perceived value. So in other words your info graphic is well designed and I for one appreciate that. Three Thumbs Up!

  25. Drew says:

    Cool map (what matters here is the map, not the bigfoot, right?)! Why is there such a strong line separating Ohio and PA along the border once you get north of the Ohio River Valley? It seems odd to me that the Bigfoot would notably avoid wandering into PA to be seen/reported but that is what the map seems to show? Maybe Bigfoot has something against Sheetz? :(

  26. Dav says:

    That fox news comment made zero sense. All news channels make errors. Especiallly MSNBC.
    BFRO is not biased towards all possible info.

    But to know if someone is biase you have to examine for it. Which most people that crie “biase” don’t do.

  27. Natalie says:

    I just linked through to your site from fox news. I love the idea of Bigfoot and I am in the GIS field so I wanted to see more. Fantastic project and wonderfully done map. I see that you are in the Penn State program that I requested info on this week, are you doing your degree on-line or on campus?

  28. John says:

    This bigfoot crap is the biggest farce in existence. If there was such a thing as bigfoot….why has there not one been caught, killed, trapped or found a carcass of??????????????? Where are the young ones????
    Some people will believe anything……….look what has happened to this country in the last 6 years?????

    • Sasquatch says:

      They said the same thing about the Coelacanth and the Giant Squid for centuries, until both were found recently!

    • Steven says:

      Some people will also believe that the thousands of bigfoot sightings over many decades are all hoaxes, lies, or misidentifications. Yes, it seems very unlikely that a huge primate could have ultimately eluded us for this long. But it seems even less likely, given the abundance of anecdotal evidence, that there isn’t actually something at the root of it.

      Maybe sasquatch is just a heck of a lot smarter and more stealthy than you imagine any creature can be.

    • Ranba Ral says:

      There’s something out in the Ozarks that’s huge based on the noises it was making and the brush trail it was leaving in the brambles; and it smells like a combination of ape house at the zoo and the dorm room my second year at college when I got back after my roommate spend an entire weekend doing the dirty in the room while I was gone. I’ve never seen said critter, so no clue what it actually is. It doesn’t sound, smell, or leave a path like cougar, bear, deer, elk, coyote, wolf, or feral hog. My cousins and I have smelled it several times. It trailed us at a 100-200 yards through thick brush for about an hour once. It stopped following us when we hopped the fence into a neighbor’s cattle pen and made for their barn and the access road. It never broke tree cover. None of them have ever seen it either, since everyone always bugs out when they get even the slightest whiff of it.

      Same general area out there where they’ve had stories of bigfoot-like creatures since the mid 1800′s.

      • Sasquatch says:

        Absolutely! My family is from Arkansas and decades ago I saw a white one, scared the daylights out of me, I never told anyone at the time except a friend, because I was unaware that they could be white. I saw it about 100 yards away, walking from one tree line to another one, it was walking next to a cattle fence, the thing was at least 8-9 feet tall!

  29. Jordan Labiosa says:

    Has anyone taken a look a bear populations compared to the bigfoot plot map?

  30. Squatchanator says:

    Looking at the map, I see a direct correlation between marijuana growth/consumption and bigfoot sightings.

  31. Squatchanator says:

    Well, seriously, I want to believe, but until a squatch comes and slaps me on the butt and says good game…… I will remain in doubt.

  32. Barry says:

    A mind that wants to learn the truth does not make factual judgments based on “belief” or “intuition”. Truth is based on fact. If you want to prove or disprove the existence of Bigfoot you have to collect data, review data, collate data, and make assumptions about what the data is indicating and then prove or disprove those assumptions. Mr. Stevens has performed some really good work with this project and there are several things indicated in his data that bear further consideration. Thank you Mr. Stevens, Great job!

    And yes, I am an amateur Bigfoot hunter, not because I believe or disbelieve in Bigfoot, but for many reasons based on reported details. Reasons like the consistency of details in the reports, the consistency of reported locations, the changes in the sightings in particular locations over a period of time, and many other considerations. Check out Bill Munn’s analysis of the Patterson-Gimlin film. He has found some anomalies that can’t be explained by a human in a suit. Bill Munn’s data is supported by details noticed by a different researcher in a youtube document called “21 degrees between bigfoot and you”.

    If Bigfoot is a hoax, then why can’t we find an explanation for these measured anomalies? Anomalies that you can look at, measure, and verify independently. If “Bigfoot” in the Patterson-Gimlin film were a human in a suit, then these anomalies could not exist. I keep hunting because I want to know one way or the other.

  33. http://sasquatchinvestigations.org/bigfoot-evidence/bigfoot-pictures/

    Go to photo 4 in this sequence. Go to white Aspen centered diagonally in the photo down from the S and Q in our name. About an inch below the yellow line in the circle is the top of a black skull cap, two round black eyes and a pig like nose. That’s a juvenile staring back at you. It was taken in Colorado. That’s the face of a juvenile Sasquatch. We have the whited out photo courtesy of some one who tried to disprove it. All he proved was the photo is real. He does that type of work professionally. He loves us now.

    Mike Co founder-Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies

  34. http://sasquatchinvestigations.org/bigfoot-evidence/sasquatch-handprint-photos/

    Here is a hand print with 1/16 of an inch dermal ridges. They flow down the hand like yours, yet are unique. You have to use a magnifying glass to see yours clearly. Note the oval pad on upper left. It is unique to all known primates and hominids. This belongs to an entity no one can seem to identify for us. It comes from Colorado near Steamboat Springs. When anyone can tell me who they belong too, we will talk. I give you a really BIG hint. Bigfoot.

    Thanks, Mike-SIR

  35. obvious says:

    I think there are some good comments here but a lot are naïve. They only take into account the useful discrepancies to make a point that is not valid using the example given. Two cases of note :
    in the 90′s we all knew about drive by shootings but only one had been filmed (paraphrasing). This is supposed to mean that the lack of film for bigfoot is similar and since we know there were drive-by’s w/o video evidence, then bigfoot gets the same credence. This would only be true if, to go along with reports of bigfoot sightings we also had physical evidence in abundance. In the drive by there is no mystery despite the lack of film since we have shell casings, bullet holes and dead bodies to provide forensic support of the drive-by claims.
    Another person said we trust witness testimony to sentence people to death but don’t use it to believe bigfoot sightings. This is just silly. Eye-witness testimony alone is virtually useless in court without supporting physical evidence to go along with it. Forensic investigations develop the case based on physical artifacts from the crime and eye witness testimony merely supports the theory. With this comment we are to reverse this order and even further, do so without the forensic evidence.

  36. timsan says:

    what’s really interesting to me about this map is that the sightings correspond quite closely with the ecoregions of North America, especially the perimeters and intersections of these regions

  37. Maybe says:

    I have often heard people say there is no great evidence to convince them of this creatures existence. Then some might follow that with an assumption that there should a mass of evidence if it were real. Then they might say that just one piece of evidence, if it were good enough and clear enough would convince them. Just because….well there just should be, if this thing were real. They might also say, well there isn’t any evidence and that’s because this thing doesn’t exist and come to that as their conclusion. The conclusion is always the funny part. Coming to an absolute conviction is to me comedy gold every time. It’s just a decision that someone makes. It’s not a fact, no matter how much it tries to play up being one.

    Strongly doubting something however, isn’t as funny. It’s fairly rational.

    I don’t know if ‘this thing’ is real or not. There is no clear definition as to what it is or isn’t. I’m not 100% convinced and I am fairly sure that at least 50% of what is offered up as evidence is flawed or faked. It doesn’t exist as a fact and it’s non-existence is certainly not a fact either. Uncertainty seems to bother some people. It doesn’t bother me at all. Uncertainty is a natural state. I think that many of these reports, sightings and potential evidence point to something. What it may be, I do not know.

  38. Food for Thought says:

    Dont suppose you would like to do a Yowie map for Australia? That would also be interesting.

  39. William L. Taylor says:

    Interesting summary of reported observations of Big Foot. I concur with your statements of sightings and the parallels of human population density. Additionally, the high density of “sightings” appear to be closely associated with regions containing tall climax vegetation–coniferous, deciduous or mixed c/d. One would need to analyze precise “locality” data to support or refute my suggestion. Best of success in the remainder college days and a lifetime of continuing education.

  40. Wayne McKinney says:

    Saw a ‘squatch once. Was frozen as my mind kept trying to convince me it was something else. Not a chance of camera, mesmerized as I was looking into it’s eyes, and it into mine. There was intelligence there. I am a scientist. Did not particularly believe or not until I saw one. Your mind races. You think, black bear, no, too tall. You think grizzly, no eyes to wide, where is the snout? If it’s a bear, why is it standing up for that long? Finally, you realize it is very likely not a bear or ape, but just a huge hairy relative of ours.

    On another note, I would like to concur that many many in the Northwest know of their existence, but wish to not harm the timber industry. Canadians seem to deny the squatch a tad bit to readily for me also. They pass it off that one is trying to make fun of Canada by talking squatch. If that were so, why put the big man on coins?

    • TOF says:

      I have never seen a “Bigfoot” but, because of the consistency of the reports over a long period, I will keep an open mind about the existence of a large intelligent primate that probably is migratory and prefers a habitat that is wooded and rugged. The descriptions generally include a large (and tall), generally solitary, primate with a sagittal crest and coarse reddish hair. All the large primates have sagittal crest, by the way (with the exception of modern humans). It is also generally silent. Except for the large size, that description could fit an orangutan. It is also the case that orangutans are largely arboreal and this creature is clearly too big to do much tree climbing. It does, however, display considerable agility.
      The majority of the sightings on Josh’s map imply a creature that is adaptable but best able to survive in a habitat that is temperate, wooded, and has rugged terrain. In the areas of the Great Plains, where the sightings are less frequent, it appears that the creature is seen along river bottoms, and that suggests a migratory corridor. One notable absence of sightings is along the Missouri River between about Yankton, South Dakota, to about Bismarck, North Dakota. A possible explanation there could be that the construction of the four large flood control dams on that stretch of the Missouri River altered the habitat to the point that the creature no longer ranges there. Other areas that reflect no reported sightings include the Great Salt Lake and the Black Rock Deserts and the Sonoran Desert.
      I suspect that the any populations of such a creature are small and that the creature ranges over a large territory (although it probably is not territorial). In addition, no one has ever found the remains of such a creature. That could be explained by several factors, including their rarity, the habitat in which they live, and that they have evolved a culture that disposes of their dead rather than leaving them lying where they die.

    • The number reason there aren’t more good photos of a Sasquatch is fear. To the true observer in the midst of this awesome person, you are NOT in control, you are at their mercy. For humans in a world where all is controlled you are way out of your element. Proof of their existence is one of the last things on your mind at the brief, awesome moment in time. Number two is they are was faster than you thought they would be at that size. Even after 23 years, I still am afraid some times. The fear it is instinctual, it permeates the air. It makes you feel alive. Understand that is our shortcoming as Homo sapiens, they rarely do anything at all to earn that. You own it. They know they scare you and that’s another reason they avoid us. It seems to bother them that they make us feel this way. They have seen the reactions of people when they are seen.
      Having the courage to stand in front of one of these beings is the most awesome thing I have been able to achieve. I would not change that for anything. You can’t buy it, you earn it with patience, trust and respect over long periods of time. Mike-SIR

  41. Ranba Ral says:

    I’d actually like to see seasonal plots. Saw one years ago where they were doing a plot within one state (think it was Montana), based off sightings reported to the park rangers on the western side of the state, and they noticed the altitudes people saw them at cycled by season, and it made basically a huge track through several national parks. It was roughly congruous with elk and deer migration, not the bear ranges like they were expecting.

  42. Marc says:

    Perhaps you should overlay – People who drink while camping

  43. Cindy says:

    I think it is way more simple than they can avoid cameras.
    When population grows more are sighted less population of
    course less reports no one is there to report seeing them….right??

  44. fiercelogic says:

    Interesting discussion and map. I think an interesting perspective would be to compare Bigfoot evidence/ proof and belief and compare to belief / proof and evidence of Christianity in the US. On Bigfoot’s side we have hundreds if not thousands of photo’s, video’s, first hand accounts from living people and footprint physical evidence. Additionally, I understand that every native American people had written record, experiences and names for bigfoot, long before youtube and Patterson Gimlin film. Also, it is equally unlikely to believe that each and every single video, photo and story is a planned hoax and fake. It is statistically very unlikely that 100% of all anecdotal evidence is part of a coordinated hoax, especially when you consider the cost of acquiring a reasonable costume. And last, many of the first hand accounts come from officials such as park rangers, police and first responders who are normally considered credible sources.
    Approximately 75 % of Americans consider themselves Christians which means that they believe in a trinity man /God story with a deity that performs supernatural events such as defying gravity by walking on water, raising the dead, multiplying food / water to wine, is a sacrifice for other humans behavior etc… and yet it all is derived from a fragmented 3000 year old book of unknown authorship, written in ancient language and subject to translation, written when common man did not read or write, is interrupted differently by different sects, has been edited by various men over the centuries and yet…. it is thought to be credible. No firsthand accounts, no physical evidence at all, supernatural claims unknown to modern science and yet many believe.

    Makes Bigfoot seem much more credible and likely than Christian story. Just sayin…

  45. Raphael Mazor says:

    There’s still a population effect. Or at least an observer effect, if not a population density effect. Note how much higher the density is in Yosemite National Park than in the rest of the Sierras…..
    I am surprised, however, at how few sightings are in Yellowstone or other parts of the Rockies.

  46. Tommy P. says:

    I have spent more time in the woods than most people and I never expected to come across a bigfoot , as i was a skeptic as to its existence . Not any more. I have a report in to the BFRO for sightings .To see one out in the woods even if you have a camera in your hand you look at its size and human like features and your 1st thoughtsthat run through

  47. Karl says:

    You have to accept you have one never before discovered non-technology using ape species, adapted for one climate, is seemingly roaming all over the word (something never seen before) or you have to accept there are dozens or hundreds of unknown ape species all over the world and amazingly not one of these ape species has ever been discovered. Or some or all of these are mistaken identity and hoaxes. And if THEIR ape sightings over in New Mexico could be error, maybe yours are too.

  48. John Z says:

    “There are distinct regions where sightings are incredibly common, despite a very sparse population. On the other hand, in some of the most densely populated areas sasquatch sightings are exceedingly rare.

    I don’t have a really good explanation for this.”

    Couldn’t that be explained by urban vs rural settings? Densely populated rural areas near forests will have more people, and thus higher odds of someone thinking they saw something in the woods. But once the population gets high enough, it becomes a city, and there aren’t really claims of bigfoot lurking in alleys and parking lots.

  49. Andrew Hein says:

    Something else to consider (if it hasn’t been brought up over the course of this discussion, which it probably has), is that for a sasquatch sighting to occur, two things have to be present: a sasquatch and a human to see it.

    That is what is intriguing to me about the high density of sightings in places like S. Oregon and N. California which are sparsely populated.

    The low density of sightings in urban areas is not significant to me because I’m sure sasquatch sightings in downtown Houston/Atlanta/DC/Boston are simply ignored. A crazy man hallucinating downtown is dismissed while the same man in the country is attributed a credible sighting.

    Thank you, Mr. Stevens, for putting this map together, I greatly enjoy both the subject of Sasquatch and Cartography, so this is a major win as far as I’m concerned.

  50. John says:

    Excellent posts here. A few more thoughts.

    Anyone who has spent time in the woods where these creatures supposedly exist knows something about the density of the forest and the 360 degree visibility from a singular location. It’s squat. Depending on the time of the year? What…maybe 50 yards max? Much less during the growing season. If these creatures are half as intelligent as they apparently demonstrate and acclimated to this environment for perhaps thousands of years? It’s dare I say moronic to think that getting a decent picture of one would be as easy as people postulate. This isn’t like taking a picture of your bikini clad girlfriend posing on the beach. Furthermore we aren’t talking about the couple of acres of greenbelt out behind your house. As the map demonstrates bigfoots live in vast ranges of forested areas – MILLIONS of acres – some maybe not accessible to humans for decades, If a new species can go unnoticed in Central Park, New York what makes you think that a super intelligent one couldn’t remain elusive in environments hundreds of times larger?

    Let’s also consider the metadata we have here as well. (And this applies to other sightings of things that go bump in the night in my opinion.) It doesn’t matter a flying fig what your opinion is of the people who reported these things when you are dealing with thousands of sightings. Why? The sheer mass of the sightings and evidence (whether you chose to ignore all of it or not) lends credence to the reality of what’s being reported – even if only a fraction of them turn out to be accurate. Give me one example in history where something similar has been reported, through so many cultures, over such a long time period, that ends up being a misidentification, hoax, folklore, or the result of too many beers. It doesn’t exist in the historical records. In fact, the opposite is true. More often that not, what was once believed to be fiction by many – turned out to be fact – and the accuracy of the witnesses to the events / creatures turns out to be pretty much spot on as well.

    To suggest that a hunter or camper – whom do make up a large preponderance of sightings – doesn’t know the difference between a bear walking on two legs and a man-like bipedal creature doing the same is ludicrous.

  51. Pat Pemberton says:

    I got video of him surfing last weekend in Pismo Beach, CA. Add it to the map! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDKTgmd9slw

  52. Wilson says:

    The very low number of sightings in Maine seems to be counter-intuitive considering that Maine is virtually entirely made-up of the wooded areas that the Bigfoot are supposed to enjoy. It’s also strange that there are reported sighting in the midwest and Great Plains regions where a reported Sasquatch sighting would mean that they were spotted in areas that are flat, prairie grasslands (Nebraska, Kansas, Western Oklahoma) with no large or expansive wooded areas that is supposedly the Sasquatch’s favorite type of territory.

    This is simply my own observation about this map, but I find it hard to imagine a Sasquatch or multiple Sasquatches living in arid, prairie and desert environments as some of these reported sighting locations show. Therefore, if we believe that the Sasquatch (or other undocumented bipedal animal) exists, these aforementioned regions do not fit with the lore that the Sasquatch prefers heavily-wooded and sparsely populated areas.

  53. Walks Upright says:

    Big Foot really is REAL, you guys. I should know — for I AM BIG FOOT.
    now get the hell offa my mountain.

  54. Keith Foster says:

    I found a long line of 17 inch tracks in a wilderness area of southern Colorado in 1993, which got me interested in the species. Contacted many hunting guides and outfitters in that state to ascertain if other pro hunters had ever come across the species in that state. Collected 6 accounts to the positive and interviewed the witnesses. 5 were pro bowhunting guides, with three of the sightings within less than 100 yards distance between the men and a sasquatch, two as close as 30 yards distance. All these men described the same type of anatomy to a tee. I sought the sightings from them, and all but one of them would not allow me to publish their sighting reports. I plotted their reports, others gleaned from research, and those of BFRO into map form, also separating winter sightings from summer sightings and correlated by elevation to see if there was any seasonal and/or locational patterns. GIS coordinator in Pueblo Colorado put into GIS format and also found a pattern of seasonal elevational migration possible. Correlation with elk seasonal migrations was also indicated.

    One interesting thing found in my data was that there were no sightings from Rocky Mountain National Park by anyone, despite super habitat and lots of neophyte campers to misidentify a bear or make up a tall tale. Yet just to the south of that park in the Lost Creek Wilderness I have three sightings from professional bowhunting guides who should know what they are looking at in the forest. All were elk hunting at the time of their personal sightings, fully camoflauged and sitting hidden and quiet. Why no sightings from inexperienced campers in RMNP forests, yet sightings from experienced professional outdoorsmen in remote wilderness less than 100 miles away?

    If you want to see a sasquatch, find the biggest patch of unbroken forest you can in a western US wilderness area, avoiding human trails. Get at least a mile from any human trail or road on a topo map, sit down and hide yourself there and be very quiet for weeks on end. To increase odds, make sure there are elk at the fringes of your deep forest stake out spot. Also avoid any area inhabited by wolves, as a North American data plot of wolf population seems to correlate with a relative rarety of sasquatch sightings in spite of prime sasquatch habitat.

    Man is a small, relatively hairless, lover of open spaces, who follows water tributaries and human roads and trails when in the woods, prone to hypothermia, lover of the light of day, avoider of dense forest areas where travel is very hard and no reason to go there for the most part, built physically to be an open area persistence hunting primate. Sasquatch is just the opposite physically and historically. Sasquatch are large primates the size of a coastal brown bear, almost fully densely haired, avoids open spaces like the plague, avoids human travel routes and roads for the most part, prone to heat stress in warm weather, loves the coolness of the night thusly, has no trouble navigating through dense woods, hunts by brute strength rather than by persistence pursuit. Man and sasquatch avoid each other rather naturally, in respective historical habitat niche, which is why I suppose there are a very rare few of them left today as they dwindle to extinction to join the rest of it’s fellow megafauna species as man turns it’s habitat into man habitat.

    They may not use advanced tools, but they are not unintelligent. They are very keenly intelligent in the ways they have to be to survive. Their mental apptitude is geared very much toward patterning movement of prey by location and season, so they are by proxy very good at patterning movement of man by location and season. Though man and sasquatch avoid each other naturally by habitat niche, sasquatch also avoids man by choice to avoid confrontation that could threaten it’s survival. Their survival individually is key to their own safety, so they take the steps needed. If you want to know their social system, study orangutan social system, only apply it to a larger terrestrial scale, rather than an arboreal scale. Also know that chimpanzees percieve their immediate surroundings different from how man percieves the same vista. Man focuses, from one thing to the next. Studies reveal that chimps see all things at once within their field of view, in kind of an instant, and then make decisions of action. Sasquatch may be kind of the same way, which makes them pretty dang keen in human avoidance also. Just how it is.

    For those that think the sasquatch could not exist, I know a few places it would be interesting to tie you to a tree for a month or two and ask you again afterward if you think they could exist. Don’t worry though, sasquatch will go the way of the ground sloth and the mammoth and you will soon be correct, as sasquatch won’t exist and no maps can then be made of sightings of them anymore forever. It was fun to know them while they existed though. The woodwose is long gone from western europe, though they used to be sighted there many centuries ago. Our larger species of North American woodwose will suffer the same fate eventually. There were a dozen or so species of elephant on earth just recently in geologic time, and now we seem to have only two species left on earth. The big hairy elephants are gone now, though it would have been neat to see one of them too. There are still a few out of the way forests you might still get to glimpse another big hairy creature that hangs on for the moment because it was just a little smarter than his elephant counterpart.

    I feel sorry for those people that never got to walk some of the wilderness I have seen, nor experienced the hidden wonders they reveal to one who sits and quietly observes. I feel sorry they missed the wonder that is a sasquatch. It has been my fortune to get to know them, even if just a little bit, with many questions unanswered. God help us save a little truely wild forest for them for awhile longer so my grandchildren can also find them or their tracks from time to time and maybe find a few more answers about them.

    Warning, for those who take my advice in where to plant your butt to meet a sasquatch. Like all large mammals, they can be unpredictable and dangerous to you. They will not want you close to where they keep their little ones and may make it very apparent you are not welcome. You will have no problem knowing when that happens. If you don’t leave when given the first threat, you may never leave that area at all and will be a missing person statistic forever. Thought you ought to know you are dealing with a real animal out there, for your own safety sake.

  55. Jerome Howe says:

    When I was 18 back in 1974, I back packed across the country from wisconsin to california. I followed I-80. The trip out there was alot of fun even though some people seemed not to like back packers. On my way back as I was hiking through the mountains in utah, a rather unfriendly state, a man who had picked me up said he could give me a ride to the other side of the mountains. The day was growing late and it soon became dark. The man stoped his truck up in the mountains under a street light and told me that this was as far as he could take me that his turn off was just ahead. So there I stood. I looked both ways down the highway and this was the only light I could see so I was content to stay right there until morning. I turned on some music I had in my pack and sat down on the guard rail. As I was sitting there I kept hearing these growling sounds. Alot of growling sounds coming from the side of the highway. I turned off the music and slowly crept over to the side and looked down into a 100 foot wide ditch, about 50 feet down that ran between the highway and the side of the mountain. There were at least a dozen dogs down there of all makes, mostly shepards, all growling and snarling but not at me. They were all focused on the face of the mountain about 50 feet up and to my left. When I turned to see what they were looking at I was never so scared in my life. From where I was standing on the highway and to where it was standing on a cliff, the distance had to be about 500 yards away and 50 feet up. There stood what was shaped like a man. Only from this distance the man would have to be 10 feet tall. All I could see was an outline of the man. Well, there I stood. All alone!! It finally dawned on me there was nothing I could do but stand right here and hope whatever it was just goes away. I turned my music back on to help drown out the sound of the dogs and refused to look at the outline again. It started to snow. Real pretty at first. Great big flakes. It was also starting to get real cold. I took out my extra shirts and put them on. Now it was freezing cold and the snow was no longer pretty. It was snowing so hard I could hardly see the mountain sides any longer.Then I noticed the dogs were gone, the growling had stoped. I stared at the side of the mountain where the man or whatever it was had been standing and it was gone!! Oh my God!! There was something standing there, it was not just my mind playing tricks on me!!! The outline was gone. The wind started to pick up and I was freezing my ass off. I got down behind a post that held up the guard rail and tried to block the wind with my backpack but it did very little good. I remember feeling very tired and I just wanted to close my eyes and go to sleep. I was shivering so bad and I was so cold. I remember something very large and very hairy and very, very warm, sitting down next to me and pulling me into its stomach area and wrapping its arms around me. I remember snuggling into the hair like I was a little baby,it was so warm!! The next morning when I woke, I found myself sitting in a circle about 8 feet wide next to the guard rail that was clear of snow. I stood up and looked around and there must have been a foot or more of snow everywhere except where I stood. Just then a truck came along with an old fellow driving and upon seeing me he came to a halt. He waved to me to come to his truck and get in. I was happy to obey. He sat there for a few minutes staring at me and the spot where I had been standing and then he seemed to get mad. He wanted to know where I spent the night. I told him right where he picked me up. He looked me over real good. He said,” Young man, the temperature up here droped to -5 below last night and the way you are dressed you would be dead by now”, “you would have frozen to death”. “Now you explain to me how you managed to stay dry and the spot I picked you up at was free of snow or I’ll drop you off right here and don’t you lie to me either because I’ll know if your lieing”. OK, I’ll tell you but you won’t believe me. So I told him what I remembered about the night. The dogs and the outline up on the cliff and the hair and the warmth of whatever it was holding me tightly to it’s body. He got a big smile on his face and thanked me for being honest. He has been telling people for years, including his wife, that he has seen Bigfoot up here in the mountains for the last 50 years but nobody ever believed him. Bigfoot saved my life that night!! I will take a lie detector test to my story. I know what happened that night and I know Bigfoot is very real!!!!

  56. Jeska Hano says:

    I took a swing at the data using temporal-spatial hotspot analysis.

  57. heresthedeal says:

    northeast ohio is by no means uninhabited, houses, highways, and factories are everywhere.
    Theres not an animal in North America that hasn’t been hit by a vehicle in the last 75 years or so, except a bigfoot. Seems odd to me.
    No other great ape is nocturnal, except bigfoot.
    Everyone always brings up the gorilla, and the fact that nobody knew it existed. What they mean to say is we didn’t know it existed, the people that lived there knew it existed. Then we showed up and shot a few and brought them back and poof, they exist.
    Facts are facts, no body/carcass no animal.
    I’ve seen unshod horse tracks in the woods, that doesn’t mean there are unicorns in the woods, just horse tracks.
    People see what they want to see, your mind fills in the blanks, with preconceived mental pictures.
    Once again, not one bigfoot has been hit by a vehicle, not one. We as a society send our children safety city(at least here, we call it safety city) to teach them how to cross a road and not to get hit, yet somehow a 7 foot tall ape that lives around some of the largest highways in the US has no problems navigating them with zero problems.

    I do hope they exist, and that one day I see one. When or if that happens everyone will know they are real because I will have a carcass of a bigfoot. I have the same plan for unicorns, dragons and aliens. It’s pretty simple really, spot it, shoot it, load it up, take pictures, contact lawyer, and make some money off of shooting a bigfoot.

    Fact is, you get a picture of bigfoot you are just another nut with a camera, you show up with a dead bigfoot in your truck, you are the guy who shot bigfoot, or a huge hillbilly in a fur suit, six of one a half dozen of another.

  58. We have a primitive ape like creature, (Bigfoot) which evolved along the evolutionary path, presumably splitting from hominids or apes, millions of years ago and in order to evolve until the 21st century, biologically speaking there must have been many thousands of them in order to still exist. So my question is why hasn’t anyone found Bigfoot carcases or bones or any fossil records of these creatures? We can’t ignore the “normal” path of scientific evidence, footprints (which can be faked) is NOT evidence. So no matter how elusive these so called creatures are, there must be PHYSICAL evidence that they actually exist!!!!

  59. Rob says:

    If you believe that Bigfoot is a spiritual entity or even if you believe the is a giat ape in the woods you have to realize that if you tell people this the majority of them will laughf at you. That being said, if you do want to explain Bigfoot you will have to tone down what you are saying if you want any one to take you seriously. For instance, saying that Bigfoot can some how sense cameras or that it is a spiritual being like a ghost for instance will certainly not help your cause at all when trying to convince skeptics. If you want to get people to believe in Bigfoot itis best to stick to small facts and let people decide for the selfs if they are willing to believe.

  60. WOW! What a fine bunch of de-bunkers here. Oh ye of little faith…
    This site is fantastic and highly informative… best Sasquatch maps on the net.
    Get a grip de-bunkers. You are the swine that pearls are wasted on.

    I used to be like you folks: a skeptical troll so convinced of my own opinions. I thought Sasquatch was a a tall tale, like Paul Bunyon or Jack and the Beanstalk.
    But I now have my own story to share. It is in the first person ’cause it happened to me.:

    There is a a small Quartz Crystal on the desktop in front of me. This stone comes with a tale attached…

    One fine summer day about 10 years ago, I was hunting for gold rutillated quartz and quartz crystals along a meandering stream, about 20 miles east of Gold River on Vancouver Island, B.C., a few miles off of the Gold River HWY. This was Elk, Cougar and Bear country and off of the beaten path, so all of my survival senses were turned up. I was alone, and fully aware of where I stood in the food chain.

    Having had no luck finding crystals, or quartz, I was moving steadily up stream, searching the gravel bars for color. About mid-afternoon, I heard some very heavy footsteps in the gravel, and they were coming my way. Then the crunching stopped, just around the stream’s bend and just the other side of a small copse of trees.

    Thinking it might be an Elk, I decided to depart, quickly climbing the steep bank. I was halfway up when I was struck in the back by a small stone.

    Figured that an Elk wouldn’t make the best stone-thrower, I supposed that local kids were having some fun with me.
    Whoever or whatever it was, it threw the stone with pinpoint accuracy—a blind-throw no less, since the creature was 30-40 feet away, around the stream bend, and behind some trees.
    It threw the pebble with just enough force to get my attention, but not enough to hurt me. It was a great throw.

    That is when I looked down at the pebble lying on the ground. I saw that it was a Quartz crystal, tumbled and worn down by the stream. It was the only one I would see that day.
    Quickly pocketing the crystal so I wouldn’t lose it, I started to wonder if it might be a Sasquatch that had doinked me. I had heard so many stories about the strange “water apes” of Vancouver Island.
    That’s when I started to get willies.

    Then a fear of much greater magnitude struck me, It hit me like a hammer. It was a blast of unmitigated terror that chilled me to the bone and turned my guts to water.
    I am not a timid man, having grown up in the woods. And I know how to handle myself, usually feeling right at home in the woods. But whatever remained concealed nearby, it was projecting stark raving panic at me like a non-lethal weapon. That’s when I realized for-sure that I was a stones-throw away from a living, breathing, crystal-chucking Sasquatch… and it wanted me gone from its territory. That was made very clear.

    I left as quickly as I could with terror nipping at my heels, and never looking back. I did not see a Sasquatch that day, but hook me up to a lie-detector, and you will learn how certain I am about what happened to me. It was extraordinary, really, especially in the aftermath and in the subsequent years. The being on the other side of the trees knew what I was after. It didn’t want me there, but It gifted me with exactly what I wanted, AND provided me with precisely what I needed! And it did it with a sense of humor. It must be fun to make a grown man flee in panic—total slapstick comedy; for the Sasquatch!

    I needed to run into a Sasquatch, I needed the shock and dislocation that this caused to shake up my world, and get me to re-evaluate my life and beliefs. I needed to rekindle my love for the mystery of nature. I wanted answers to the biggest questions humans ask: Who are we? Where do we come from? Why are we here? and What will become of us? Oh yeah… the last question is the most pertinent: Are we alone in the universe?

    That question is answered every time I see an Orca Whale, a porpoise, or a common Raccoon. It is answered with warmth and love whenever I save a drowning worm, or swerve in time to avoid a deer with my car, it is answered every time I pick up this small, worn quartz crystal and focus on it. The stone seems alive, aware, and willing to help. Sounds strange, but it is true for me.
    When confronted with a mystery bigger than ourselves, it changes us, and broadens are perspectives.

    A lot has been learned about these forest giants in the past ten years. And I suspect that the time is coming when the Sasquatch people will stop concealing themselves from us, come out of the forests and reunite with us, their lost cousins. This WILL happen if we continue to grow, and accept the truth of the unity of all life—that ALL are ONE, and we are all part of the whole. We need to relearn that the Earth is Mother to us all, and that she deserves our respect and care. We must remember that everything is alive and aware.

    The Sasquatch people have a lot to teach us. We have a lot to learn from them. This will happen as we change ourselves from the inside-out. As we relearn living-from-the-heart, instead of only from the head. As we begin to see the powerful connections between ourselves and the natural world, we can reclaim our birthright, and be ready to journey beyond this one small planet.

    My world view has changed a lot and I have grown directly from the experience. Maybe it is partially the crystal I was given. These things do seem to have qualities that defy the laws of physics.
    I have changed inside as a result of the experience. It has led me to develop my intuition, learn animal communication, start loving all of creation, even the little stones. It taught me that I needed to respect myself before I could earn the respect of others.

    I think about our giant cousins often, with great affection, because I have gotten to know them better. I actually got to be face to face with a young male the other night. But that, is another story.

    And one final salvo for the naysayers:

    1. There is little physical evidence of Saqsquatch because the Sasquatch are WAY smarter than us. They have survived by concealing themselves from us. They have abilities and senses we can barely imagine. And they are masters at camouflage and concealment. I have been shown that they are inter-dimensional beings at ease in the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions. They can teleport themselves or make themselves vanish. They bury their dead in deep caverns that only they know about. And they place great stones over them impossible for ordinary men to move without heavy equipment.

    2. Once you have seen one, you will never doubt it again.

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