Big Data Social Science Video Demo: SensePlace2

  May 27, 2013

This year I was selected to represent the 2013 Big Data Social Science IGERT in the annual poster and video competition hosted by the National Science Foundation. The news came as both an honor and a challenge.

With only a few short weeks to prepare, I spent a lot of time browsing tutorials for Adobe After Effects, Premiere, and Audition. If you have to brush up on a technical skill, I highly recommend the TutsPlus community.

After getting the hang of a few techniques I had in mind for the video, I started brainstorming, laying out various designs and color schemes, and painstakingly practicing the verbal script. Many long nights later, it was completed.

In the end, learning After Effects has been a great experience. As a scriptable platform (AE supports JavaScript), there is a lot of potential for great visualizations and applications to cartography that I’m looking forward to exploring.

A previous post includes the poster that accompanied this video in the competition.

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Josh is a PhD candidate at Penn State researching UI/UX design for interactive maps and data visualization. He currently works at NASA's Earth Observatory.

Learn more or follow @jscarto on Twitter.

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